How to get free followers on tiktok ?

How to get free followers on tiktok

TikTok is the app of the moment! Everyone is doing it: young and old, stars and even politicians. But given all the content on this social network, difficult to make yourself known. So here are some tips for gaining new fans, or subscribers, on TikTok.

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Tik tok free followers

TikTok is the app that is rising, rising and making a name for itself with behemoths like Facebook or Instagram. And this thanks to a simple but effective concept: create video clips embellished with music, visual effects and audio. The opportunity to play back, dance demonstrations but above all humorous sketches. The recipe works as the app from China has more than 800 million users.

But now, it's hard to find your place in this huge flow of content. To gain more fans, or subscribers, on TikTok, there are a few things to know. It won't happen overnight, but here's how to increase your number of followers on the app of the moment.

1. Take care of your profile to gain new fans on TikTok

The first thing to do is to take care of your profile. Indeed, your profile picture, your username and the various information appearing on your profile should leave a good impression on TikTok users. For example, people will have trouble remembering your username if it's too long. Try to choose a name that is short and easy to remember. And if possible, make it the same as the one you use on other social networks.

Also, make sure that your future fans understand what they will find as content on your profile. So indicate in your bio your areas of interest: fitness, humor, cooking, dance etc. This will allow you to directly create links with your followers. If a user is in your interests, they will be more likely to subscribe to your account.

2. Share entertaining but above all original content

Obviously, to make yourself known, you have to share unique and original content to mark TikTok users. Because yes, if you do like everyone else, you can't stand out from the crowd. So you need to think about a unique and original video concept that will differentiate you from others. It’s not an easy task but let your heart speak and do something that excites and inspires you, it will show in what you post.

3. Post content frequently

As on all social networks, you have to be active for users to decide to follow you. If someone visits your profile and notices that you hardly post anything, they will have no reason to follow you. But above all, the more posts you have on your profile, the more your potential followers will be able to discover you through your videos.

So, we advise you to establish a publication schedule to publish videos at a fixed rate. Start with one post per week to get started with all the features of the application. When you have mastered the format and codes of TikTok perfectly, you will be able to publish videos adapted to your audience more regularly and it will have a “snowball” effect, your number of followers will increase rapidly.

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4. Take part in challenges

There is something very trendy about TikTok: challenges. Most of the challenges are based on the same principle: doing choreography or playing back to popular music. Get ready to play by using the corresponding hashtag and this will ensure that users come across your profile and therefore your other videos.

It is still necessary to identify the fashionable challenges. To do this, nothing simpler. Just go to the "For you" section and take a look at the video descriptions to spot the hashtags related to the challenges. While we're at it, here's another general rule to follow: like on Instagram, use as many hashtags as possible.

5. Spend time in the "For you" section

Exactly, let's talk about the section "For you" which is essential to understand what works on TikTok. So, before you produce a lot of videos, spend some time on this topic to understand all the codes and everything that works on TikTok. Indeed, the posts that appear in this tab are just extremely popular videos that generated a lot of interaction.

That means they can inspire you to create your own content using things that worked in these popular videos. When you visit this section, pay attention to the following things: popular music, the filters and effects used, the length of the videos and of course the editing.

6. Interact with your followers

Again, this tip fits all social networks and especially Instagram and TikTok. It is vital that you engage with your subscribers, regardless of their number. Respond to comments, make them participate directly or indirectly in your videos. Listen to their suggestions and desires to create content that is sure to please them.

This will give you a good image and your reputation will grow on TikTok. Word of mouth will do the rest and more and more users will follow you to participate in your content and feel heard and valued.

7. Collaborate with other TikTok users

As in many fields like music to name but one, collaborations can be extremely profitable. It makes sense: if you make videos as a duet, they will be watched by a larger audience: yours and that of your collaborator. Obviously, when you start out, you won't have the opportunity to work with very popular users.

But the more followers you gain, the more you will be known and the more opportunities for collaboration will multiply. So start by working with users in the same situation as you to gradually move up the ranks.

8. Promote your work on social media

Certainly, you are new to TikTok but you have undoubtedly been registered on other social networks for a long time. So take advantage of your audience already in place on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to share your TikTok content.

You will reach another audience who are not necessarily familiar with TikTok and who will discover the application thanks to you, it is a small gesture that can earn you a lot of followers. And again, don't forget to use hashtags, especially on Instagram. But above all, if your TikTok videos are massively shared on other platforms, your visibility will be increased tenfold.

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